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Providing engaging content on social media is crucial to attract users' attention. Our free Open Graph Explorer tool shows your web page how it is rendered on different social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

The open graph explorer tool is a crawler that crawls on your website to see if you have correctly implemented the open graph protocol. This protocol adds just certain meta tags for social media, such as title, description, image, and url.

The open graph protocol was first created by Facebook before being adopted by a large number of social media platforms such as Twitter, Google, Pinterest, and much more. This protocol allows displaying your website on custom cards.

By implementing correctly the open graph protocol on your website, you increase the chances of a user, on social media, clicking on your content. By not implementing this protocol, your content will not be displayed as prominent as it would be.

We provide a free generator for the open graph protocol, just complete the inputs and copy the HTML code in the header tags of your web page. If you have multiple pages and you use static content, you will have to manually insert the code on each page, make sure to change the values.

Our open graph explorer tool is free and will be free forever. By providing a free service, we really hope it will help you rank your website / blog higher in search results. Providing free services on the Internet is really hard, that's why we rely on ads for paying our servers rent and paying, part-time, our engineers.




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