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Building user trust these days is important, you should let your users know what you plan to do with their data. That's why we've our free privacy policy generator for everyone who don't know were to start. You can create and edit a policy for your website in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

The privacy policy generator is a tool that allows you to generate a privacy policy for your website. You just need to enter your company name and your website URL and it will generate automatically a privacy policy for you. An editor allows you to edit the generated policy if you are not satisfied with it and export it to HTML.

Letting know your users what you are going to do with the collected data from their interaction with your website is important, and is required in a lot of countries in Europe, under the GDPR law. By being clear up front, you can build trust with your users, despite the fact that you are collecting data.

We at Pandora Tools do not give any legal advice for privacy policies. The privacy policy generator was built to help small business website owners. If you need any custom modification, please contact a professional.

We provide a free generator for privacy policies, just complete the inputs and copy the HTML code on your web page. Feel free to modify the content of the policy if needed with the help of the editor.

Our privacy policy generator is free and will be free forever. By providing a free service, we really hope it will help you rank your website / blog higher in search results. Providing free services on the Internet is really hard, that's why we rely on ads for paying our servers rent and paying, part-time, our engineers.




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